When [conjunction]

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Sentence/Example of When:

It came to a crisisevery girl jumped!when the door opened and Mr. Sharp walked in.

Mad are the passions, as a colt untamed!When Prudence mounts their backs to ride them mild.

They take their coats off anywhere and any-when, and somehow it strikes the visitor as the most symbolic thing about them.

"But all that seems such a pity-when they've tried," grieved Billy.

"Some actor fellow once said w-when you w-went West you were c-camping out," chattered Carley.

Satellites, fur-collared and pseudo-successful, trailing in his wake, used to talk loudly of I-knew-him-when.

"That's what mammy always says when-there's only her and me and Tommy," explains Mabel, confidentially.

Dull?when you keep our home as charming in every detail as it was when you had ample means at your command to conduct it.

Dull?when you keep the hive in such running order that we never even suspect where the machinery which runs it is located.

I have my humour, though thy no be false.Faint-hearted coward, get thee from my sight!When, villain?