Witch [noun]

Definition of Witch:

person who casts spells over others

Synonyms of Witch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Witch:


Sentence/Example of Witch:

Viviette, going out last, looked up at him with one of her witch's glances.

The schooner sailed like a witch, carrying only two gaff-topsails.

She was so old no one knew exactly when she was built, but sailed like a witch.

So died the witch, and nevermore do mothers say when children misbehave.

The house was filled with people, they being curious to see the witch.

But when folks thinks you're a witch, it ain't in human natur' not to fool 'em.

She declared she was thrifty, but neither a miser, nor a kidnaper, nor a witch.

And with these words he looked at a witch and said: “You may go!”

The witch hesitated, but he ordered his servants to seize her and thrust her into the stream.

She was a sort of witch, tall and lean, who walked like an ostrich.