Magician [noun]

Definition of Magician:

person who performs supernatural

Opposite/Antonyms of Magician:

Sentence/Example of Magician:

Wynn also paid $18 million to create an 88-acre animal habitat for the magicians outside Las Vegas.

They started calling it Al’s Magic Shop, and then a lot of professional magicians started hanging around, and before I knew it, I was in the magic business.

Commercial execs at social video app Triller are like those magicians.

He made me think of an old time magician more than anything, and I felt that with a touch of his wand he could transform us all.

As if a magician's wand had touched him, the garland of roses transformed him into a vision of Oriental beauty.

Oh, sorcery of the most wonderful magician of letters the world has seen since Shakespeare!

Is it quite true that Simon, called the Magician, was adored among the Romans?

Such was the Roman divinity which for so many ages was taken for Simon the Magician.

Chance had brought them to pass, and they refused to answer to the call of a less learned magician.

"You are certainly a generous magician," said the prince, fastening the fireproof mask on, while his heart throbbed gladly.