Wizard [noun]

Definition of Wizard:

person who can perform magic

Synonyms of Wizard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wizard:

Sentence/Example of Wizard:

In Renfrew he was regarded as a kind of wizard, and he is said to have emigrated to Virginia, where he died.

"And your handkerchief is just as pretty as ever," said the Wizard, returning it to Gertie.

For some time longer the Wizard made tatting in silence; then once again he spoke.

The Wizard here lowered his voice mysteriously and bent toward Vance.

He was extremely anxious not to say anything to make the Wizard angry.

At a nearer view the Wizard looked even uglier than from a distance.

However, he dug away bravely and said nothing till the Wizard spoke to him.

A wizard is one who discloses things unknown to his fellow-men.

He felt that he had been used unjustly; after all, he was not a wizard—what did the Chief expect!

It is enough to be a doctor to enjoy the reputation of an astrologer and a wizard.