Warlock [noun]

Definition of Warlock:

sorcerer, wizard

Synonyms of Warlock:

Opposite/Antonyms of Warlock:


Sentence/Example of Warlock:

In a matter of—probably—years, the Warlock should receive aid.

The skipper of the Warlock gazed until he was completely sure.

You might say that we are going to die because we cannot land the Warlock with food and equipment.

When he drew near, he saw that the Warlock was sitting by the fire, sewing boots.

He and the Warlock talked and talked, and at last they arrived at the grave.

The pyre became wrapped in flames, the Warlock began to burn.

The Warlock threw his work aside and invited the Soldier to a wedding.

The Warlock drank and drank, revelled and revelled, and then grew angry.

Then the Warlock becomes as weak as a child, “for all his strength had passed into the Seer.”

A map of the heavens as they could be seen from the outer crust of Warlock.