Wristlet [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wristlet:

She would have loved to see such a wristlet sagging down to her hand.

He had Alec's wristlet watch, but no attempt had been made to dry the things.

A wristlet of wood, bone, or leather was worn when the bow and arrows were used.

Platoon commanders fidgeting with their wristlet watches that seem to tick off the minutes so slowly.

The men of the last group were now looking anxiously at their wristlet watches, which had been carefully synchronized.

Both Farnborough and his Sub were consulting their wristlet watches almost every fifteen seconds.

On the way back to the other track Malcolm glanced at the luminous face of his wristlet watch.

At her wedding a Hindu bride must wear a wristlet of nine little cones of silver like the kalas or pinnacle of a temple.

Canvassers can make a very good profit by selling a patent ladies' folding handbag, also wristlet watches.

She drew from her pocket a wristlet of diamonds, which Lois had given her as they parted at Amzi's door.