Zigzagged [adjective]

Definition of Zigzagged:

bumpy, uneven

Opposite/Antonyms of Zigzagged:

Sentence/Example of Zigzagged:

They zigzagged down until nearly to the edge of the steep drop.

The little path that zigzagged upward was not wide enough for two.

For a long time she zigzagged about, going by provoking fits and starts.

They zigzagged like a snake and again made geometrical figures.

Then came a vivid flash of fire that zigzagged across the sky.

We zigzagged for some distance and then got out and went on foot through a grove.

At the sound the rabbit sprang into the open and zigzagged toward a thicket.

Slowly they zigzagged back and forth, searching and listening, but to no purpose.

The carriage jolted and zigzagged, but the group sat undisturbed.

Stibbs the Grocer zigzagged like a dragon-fly about his crowded store.