Zombies [noun]

Definition of Zombies:

person who acts automatically

Synonyms of Zombies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Zombies:


Sentence/Example of Zombies:

It was soon plain that she was a zombie with about ten words in her vocabulary.

No one was in the stores, and no one was bothering with the zombie maze.

I logged back in and there I was, still on the deck of the Zombie Charger, waiting for someone to wind me up.

A mad enterprise indeed—a ghost and a zombie, going to seek out a foe whose numbers and whose might grew ever more apparent.

One word from Douglas and she had become a zombie—a mindless muscle preparation that existed only to obey.

A huge, zombie form—the ugliest part of this night of anguish and distortion.

It's not any kind of zombie state, or whatever your overheated imagination has thought up.