Malady [noun]

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In it, Pollan surveys recent research into psychedelics, which show promise for maladies from treatment-resistant depression to end-of-life distress.

Still, people with coughs and other maladies stood in long lines, where social-distancing is made more difficult, outside these clinics.

Rheumatism was the one malady that sometimes affected mother Martha's health.

In all of these the clinical facts, as well as the progress of the malady, were carefully studied and recorded.

He as well as Brisset was called in consultation regarding a very serious malady afflicting Raphael de Valentin.

All this time, however, his malady was gaining ground; he slept badly, and his appetite failed him.

"But I do not observe any symptoms of that malady developing themselves at present," added the doctor.

The fact that we both suffer from the same malady would alone suffice to draw us together.

The wife's malady, recently declared, had led to their being refused admission to the States.

Frederick's animosity reached its highest pitch at that time, and we now know the full extent of the malady.