Affidavits [noun]

Definition of Affidavits:

written legal declaration

Synonyms of Affidavits:

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Sentence/Example of Affidavits:

She seems to have sent the email to inform parents that if they plan to homeschool their children, they will have to file an affidavit with both the state Department of Education and San Diego Unified.

Parents do not have to file an affidavit with their local school district.

So when she said that anyone who doesn’t file an affidavit with the school will “be subject to investigations,” she was making a baseless threat.

The doctor who had attended his wife during her confinement was indisposed, and was represented only by an affidavit.

I got his affidavit, and we parted the best of friends, he urging me to call at his shanty and see Mary Jane and the kids.

There is one very obscure part in this statement, namely, the reference to the former affidavit and the matter of the bedstaff.

"Sign the affidavit," the agent said and pushed a sheet of paper toward him.

He denied having made a demand of two thousand guineas; but the Rev. Mr. Foster contradicted him in an affidavit.

Yet a fireman employed by Symmington has made an affidavit to the same statement.

The following affidavit was executed by Earlene Roberts on December 5, 1963.