Ambulance [noun]

Definition of Ambulance:

emergency vehicle

Synonyms of Ambulance:

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Sentence/Example of Ambulance:

Other pervasive problems included everything from bedbugs and ceiling leaks in hospital buildings, to unpaid gas bills for company ambulances to shortages of medical supplies.

The plane made an emergency landing in Omsk, near Kazakhstan, where an ambulance waited to take him to a local hospital.

A short time later she posted a photo of the inside of an ambulance with the message, “The moment that I feared the most has arrived.”

It also freed up enough cash to help the network purchase businesses that owned hospices, home health services, ambulances and a 90-bed rural hospital.

The ambulance and emergency room bills were just over $12,000.

Behind that came an army ambulance followed by an electric truck.

I have got him away in a motor ambulance in the hopes that an operation may save his life.

As it was long range, the bullet remained in his calf, and he went off in an ambulance to have it dug out.

For about two hours there was hot firing, and every now and then there was a little work for our ambulance people, but not much.

But now the ambulance was slowly returning from the place whither it had been sent to receive the dead bodies.