Apothegms [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Apothegms:

Half an inch taller than Kerry, she fully merited the compliment designed by that trite apothegm, "a fine woman."

And he quoted with approval the infamous apothegm of Louis the Eleventh: "Qui nescit dissimulare, nescit regnare."

The trouble with Riderhood's apothegm is that it supplies an endless excuse for not doing it.

"Les femmes se suivent et se ressemblent toujours," said I, parodying a well-known apothegm.

This legend reads like a moral apothegm on the increasing value of life as it passes away.

He delighted to express his opinions by an apothegm, illustrate them by a parable, or drive them home by a story.

In reading the above sentence a curious apothegm of an old weather-beaten Dutch navigator comes full upon my recollection.

The great poet Mutanebbi has given us an apothegm of great power on this very subject.

You venerate them accordingly, while you mutter the old Swede's apothegm about the 'small intelligences' that rule mankind.

In the early Saxon law it was expressed by the apothegm "Factum reputabitur pro volunte."