Apples [noun]

Definition of Apples:

celestial body orbiting a star

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Sentence/Example of Apples:

They would feed him apples, potatoes and sometimes bits of cake that Bob's mother gave them.

And Squinty thought acorns were just the best things he had ever tasted, except apples, and potatoes or perhaps sour milk.

As the last car rushed by, a lady at one of the windows tossed out two rosy apples.

Leander asked Pinky Binn if he had eleven apples and multiplied them by five how many was they left.

I have known them arrive in early autumn, and do great havoc amongst the apples, which they cut up to get at the pips.

Suppose B is misinformed and learns that A is giving a barrel of apples to each of his customers?

Walking through the orchard one day after a hard wind-storm, she spied several large red apples lying in the soft sand.

The lesson was severe and lasting; and as Bessie returned the apples to their rightful owner, it settled deep into her heart.

In fruit production, apples are first; in total production, apples follow two field crops, tobacco and peanuts.

Apple-growers classify apples into three different kinds, each consisting of a great many separate varieties.