Apricots [noun]

Definition of Apricots:

combination of red and yellow

Synonyms of Apricots:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apricots:


Sentence/Example of Apricots:

The prune trees took up the glad news and whispered it to the apricot trees, "It is a boy."

"He is now a little man, with a loose skin the colour of a finely-lacquered apricot," replied the woman.

Adelaide washed and wiped each apricot thoroughly, cut it in halves and removed the stone.

Cut bread into thin slices, butter one slice, and spread the other of each pair of slices with the apricot filling.

Soak and stew dried apricots and force these through a sieve to make apricot purée.

Cut into thick slices with a knife that has been heated in the flame, and serve with apricot or pineapple sauce.

Prepare apricot pulp by forcing cooked apricots through a sieve.

The cherry-trees were all in blossom in the glens, and the rich pink of the apricot peeped out from many a little grove.

It is usually almost impossible to secure fruits from one or two isolated Apricot trees, because the curculios will take them all.

They were well painted; cheeks of the new tint, rather apricot coloured—and magenta lips.