Aquarium [noun]

Definition of Aquarium:

fish tank

Synonyms of Aquarium:

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Sentence/Example of Aquarium:

This aquarium comes with its own filter, and a low-profile LED light for watching your fish swim around.

As a divemaster and self-proclaimed fish nerd, I can identify at least the genus of almost anything in a saltwater aquarium.

New videos of sea butterflies in an aquarium reveal that snail species swim and sink at different angles and speeds, depending on the sizes and shapes of their shells, researchers report online September 7 in Frontiers in Marine Science.

Let’s limit visitor contact with at-risk mammals at marine parks and aquariums to reduce viral exposure.

When you come across an electric eel at a zoo or aquarium, the fish looks somewhat boring.

The aquarium had gravel upon its shallow bottom, and large pointed shells strewed upon the gravel.

He thought the inside of the convent was rather like the inside of an aquarium, but he enjoyed the stamps very much.

Seen in an aquarium are its perpendicular threads of mucus, up and down which the animals climb.

Coup's Broadway Aquarium opened on October 11, 1876—too late to get a white whale that year.

I was fortunate in getting the above story from Luke Tilden, for a few weeks afterward he died in the aquarium; and Zach.