Arduously [adverb]

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We were soaking in sweat from the arduous climb and shivering from the cold at the same time.

By proceeding to complete the famously arduous challenge Saturday, the 21-year-old Florida resident did not just prove his worth as a swimmer, cyclist and marathon runner — he cemented himself as a trailblazer.

Finding the bioluminescent gene is an arduous task, explains Gruber.

What that means, in practice, is that a senator tells the majority leader’s office they will demand a 60-vote threshold to move forward on the legislation, and moreover, they will make it slow and arduous to even get to the cloture vote.

Clearly, getting the parties into the e-closing room is the holy grail for revolutionizing just about the most arduous process in our financial lives.

It’s like how a hiker might arrive at a destination more quickly by starting farther away, if that starting point allows the hiker to avoid an arduous climb over a mountain.

Replacing TikTok is going to be a long and arduous journey for India’s homegrown apps.

She and others were questioned long and arduously by police without result.

In the conventional significance of the word her life was hardly toilsome, but it was none the less most arduously occupied.

Arduously, but without avail, she searched through all the drawers and cupboards of the Rattle-Pane kitchen.