Heavily [adverb]

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Walmart may also be able to push e-commerce more heavily on TikTok, and turn it into more of a livestream shopping app.

People who experienced childhood trauma are more likely to smoke or drink heavily, it found.

Similar to learning from our own experiences, this social learning circuit generates a “social prediction error”—one that heavily guides how we learn from others, but surprisingly, also how we learn from ourselves.

However, employment fears continue to weigh heavily everywhere.

Of course, these scores aren’t perfect either, as they’re heavily influenced by which bills actually get to the floor and which don’t, but they’re still useful for helping us distinguish conservatives from liberals from moderates.

A paper published this week in The Lancet explores the impact on population of factors like fertility, mortality, and migration, and details potential deviations from a heavily-populated future Earth.

This Resistor group is also heavily concentrated in some sections of the population, with half of them being aged 16-24.

When she was little, Anya was heavily into the Disney princesses.

Honestly, when David Coleman told me how heavily the new SAT emphasizes data, I didn’t really believe him.

The meat industry is massive and complicated — and often heavily subsidized.