Laboriously [adverb]

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Clumsy and laborious on land, crabeater seals are elegant and agile swimmers that spend their entire lives in the pack ice zone surrounding the frozen continent.

The president’s onslaught only escalated once the polls had closed and the laborious vote count ticked on.

Assembling tent poles with cold hands can be laborious, snow-covered trails can reduce travel speed, and finding water can be tricky when streams are frozen.

It is a laborious process, hence why devotees happily line up for chefs they believe can work magic in the meat, like Cristina Martinez of Philadelphia’s South Philly Barbacoa.

The partnership with Nvidia, he said, required the companies to work together to make sure their respective technologies are compatible, a laborious task.

They often require complicated creative thinking as well as the more laborious work of filling in the gaps, and machines can’t achieve this combination.

He came up laboriously—the more laboriously by virtue of his very efforts to show himself still nimble in his mistress's eyes.

He came back warily, forgetting his English accent, which he had laboriously imitated in admiration of a certain vaudeville hero.

I had always been accustomed to pause and very laboriously to kill every fish as I took it.

Laboriously enough, we pushed on for three days travel, a daily ascent and descent of 3000 feet marking our progress.