Armadillo [noun]

Definition of Armadillo:

primitive animal

Synonyms of Armadillo:

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Sentence/Example of Armadillo:

He is called the weasel armadillo, because his head is nearly of the same form as a weasel.

Armadillo, rm-a-dil′o, n. a small American edentate quadruped, having its body armed with bands of bony plates:—pl.

Seeing this, I seized the tail firmly; and, giving it a sudden jerk, swung the armadillo out between the feet of my companion.

The armadillo dislikes snakes as much as all true knights disliked dragons.

The little Armadillo sleeps in a warm barrel, furnished with bran and flannel.

A dead armadillo of extraordinary dimensions was found near the foot of the slope.

The carapace of the armadillo, ground and taken in a little water.

Better defended is the scale-covered armadillo, with his coat of mail.

Again, no armadillo now living presents nearly so remarkable a speciality of structure as was possessed by the extinct glyptodon.

It is not long before Mr. Armadillo appears, reaching his head out from his shell as he climbs.