Auditor [noun]

Definition of Auditor:

person who inspects financial records

Synonyms of Auditor:

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Sentence/Example of Auditor:

Besides, that inspection did not pertain to me, since I was neither the oldest nor the most recent auditor.

At this part of Lorenzo's narrative, a cry, unutterable in words, burst from the engloomed but steadfast bosom of his auditor.

There was a certain report of meetings with the wife of Lucas de Vergara, auditor of Terrenate.

The Marchioness observed a brilliant flush shoot over the face of her auditor, as he bowed his head to her last words.

He evidently avoided taking a share in the discussion of his Transatlantic career, probably from delicacy to his English auditor.

Her eloquence always broke down with any auditor but her brother, or, perhaps, Margaret.

An auditor in 1883 disallowed sums spent on toys for sick children, and Mr. Hibbert was questioned in Parliament.

On this explanation the Central Authority (whilst upholding the auditor's decision in point of law) remitted the surcharge.

He was an auditor of Josephine's Read's garbled story of our church-yard adventure; he had heard a true statement from me.

The peddler discharged his musket in the air, and threw it at the feet of his astonished auditor.