Auger [noun]

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This masticating juicer uses an auger system and 80 rpm motor to force produce into a tight chamber, grinding it up and squeezing out juice.

She extends the end of her body till it is like an auger, and with this she bores a deep hole in the earth.

Auger holes had been bored in the shaft and strong oak pins had been driven in to serve for handles.

You've been waiting your moment, holding your breath on one side of the wall while the auger grinds through from the other.

To broach a pipe, pierce it with an auger or gimlet, four fingers- breadth over the lower rim, so that the dregs may not rise.

Mr. Henry was the first to make the “rag” carpet, and was the inventor of the screw-auger.

It iz not differkult tew find augers that wont bore, but yu seldom cum across a bore that wont auger.

Rafters were affixed to the uppermost logs, and to one another, with wooden pins driven through auger holes.

A table was made by mounting a smoothed slab on four posts, set in auger holes.

Sure enough, from a small auger hole golden syrup was streaming over the edge of the keg.