Automations [noun]

Definition of Automations:

machine control

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Sentence/Example of Automations:

For example, if your SaaS business sells marketing automation software, then you should aim to join communities that focus on related marketing disciplines such as email marketing or demand generation.

A typical marketing department is usually stuck with a complicated network of tools for campaign management, automation, analytics, and more.

We can’t predict this future, but it will almost certainly be dominated by automation and AI.

However, some have predicted the inevitability of UBI as a result of automation.

At the least, though, they say further automation of algorithm discovery—that is, algorithms learning to learn—will accelerate the field.

Whatever happens, the larger supply chain will benefit from greater, more flexible automation, especially during global crises.

The reality is that this is accelerating the automation of many of our industries and jobs.

You should use marketing automation to send a thank-you email to first-time clients and follow-up emails to past clients.

Even where men could have taken charge, automation was cheaper, more reliable, less risky of lives.

He said "No, we got automation here, we are taking too much business in so we have to let you go."