Axillae [noun]

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He had a little pain in the axilla, and felt a slight indisposition for three or four hours.

His right hand had only one small sore upon it, and no tumour discovered itself in the corresponding axilla.

He employed the thermometer in the axilla in examining his cases, as did the iatrophysicists of the previous century.

The spots chosen are the cavity of the axilla, corresponding with our armpit, and the crease where the thigh joins the belly.

The long thoracic nerve may be cut across while clearing out the axilla in operating for cancer of the breast.

A dark stripe extends from the nostril to the eye and thence posteriorly to a point between the axilla and groin.

When attached in protected spots in the tender skin of the axilla or groin, they are often in dense clusters of a dozen or more.

A young woman witnessing the lancing of an abscess in the axilla immediately felt pain in that region, followed by inflammation.

The conformation of the region of the axilla was quite peculiar.

A pad is inserted in the axilla, the elbow raised, and the arm placed by the side on a pillow and steadied with sand-bags.