Balusters [noun]

Definition of Balusters:

railing of stairs

Synonyms of Balusters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Balusters:


Sentence/Example of Balusters:

This hall the same colour,” said I, “with the rails of the baluster in the cream white of the trim.

Fred was quite willing, for his curiosity was excited; so, seizing the baluster with both hands, he gave it a twist.

The young girl became yet whiter; a moment she clung to the baluster; then started to descend the stairs.

He grasped the baluster-rail, and stood wildly clinging, like a shipwrecked sailor to a mast.

She had partly descended the staircase and she stopped, leaning against the baluster and smiling up at him.

She went down the steep servants' stairway, clinging to the baluster, and reached her mistress's apartments.

At this period the outline of a classic baluster formed a favorite motive for the iron rail.

His bullet glanced from the baluster rail near Chick, and buried itself in the wall behind him.

Then Chick got a line on Matt Stall from behind the baluster post, and dropped him with a ragged wound in his hip.

Very slowly, a little tired after the stairs, the old lady climbed up, with her hand on the baluster-rail.