Bitters [noun]

Definition of Bitters:

flavor of some quality

Synonyms of Bitters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bitters:

Sentence/Example of Bitters:

Call'd for half a Gill of bitters to qualify my humours; & a dish of Tea to cheer me, & soon to Bed.

Madeira and bitters were first offered, together with a well-spiced vegetable soup.

"I ain't breakin' no law; this is yarb bitters," Jabe answered, with a pull at the bottle.

I shall only observe that no smells or tastes can produce a grand sensation, except excessive bitters, and intolerable stenches.

But a glass of bitters, followed by half a grapefruit and a large cup of coffee, made him more nearly his usual cheerful self.

Eight days afterwards he began upon a course of bitters and deobstruents.

He then took bitters twice a day, and vitriolic acid night and morning, and now enjoys good health.

There was two dollars' worth of fluid extract of cinchona and a dime's worth of aniline in that half-gross of bitters.

There, as a matter of course, he found Dolly Longestaffe drinking sherry and bitters.

I am glad to say that the Argus has been fully repaid for its attempts to beguile the judge into the use of bitters.