Bivalve [noun]

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Amongst other appearances, however, we observed a bivalve, which seemed to differ from terebratula and its congeners.

If the ligament of a gaping bivalve should become dry and stiff, it can be softened by putting it in water.

A pink bivalve shell was eventually discovered, which he considered worthy of containing the honoured corpse.

A straw hat, curled up into a grotesque shape, lay at his feet like some distorted bivalve.

Arca, a genus of bivalve molluscs, family Arcad, whose shells are known as ark-shells.

The Ostracoda have the body enclosed in a bivalve shell-covering, and normally unsegmented.

As a conchologist he was less favoured, and only found a sort of mussel and some bivalve shells.

Oyster, ois′tėr, n. a well-known bivalve shellfish, used as food.

The pea crabs are all small, and they are parasites, living within the shells of bivalve molluscs.

Yes, enough to tell a bivalve when I see one: should like to have a ‘dozen fried’ before me now.