Borrower [noun]

Definition of Borrower:

person asking for charity

Synonyms of Borrower:

Opposite/Antonyms of Borrower:


Sentence/Example of Borrower:

Newcomers to RV camping might appreciate a little help shepherding their borrowed house into its campsite when they reach their destination, which spurred our interest in the Lincoln’s Pro Trailer Backup Assist.

Once you have the list of your competitors, you can start analyzing them in greater detail to learn your rivals’ strengths and borrow their best practices.

Namely, when we try to have discussions about the future — we have talked a lot about getting married and having children together — he borrows the phrase "10-year plan," which one of his roommates uses a lot.

Other groups like the water district and environmental groups in Borrego Springs are alarmed over the pipeline’s path which appears to borrow through Anza Borrego State Park.

Unlike the federal government, state and local governments cannot borrow money to make up for budget deficits, so budgets will need to be cut.

Again borrowing from iOS, notifications are now stacked by group.

One day, returning his hammer you borrowed, you see a young guy stumbling out of Jack’s front door, a laptop in one arm, a fur coat in the other.

In modern English, well over half of all words are borrowed from other languages.

I borrowed a friend’s Jetboil when I camped and loved the little stove for its compactness and efficiency.

Given current low interest rates and ample capital, borrowing to fund such urgent priorities should be a great opportunity for a new President to use whatever limited political capital this fractious election leaves him to make bipartisan progress.