Callously [adverb]

Definition of Callously:

cruelly, without remorse

Opposite/Antonyms of Callously:

Sentence/Example of Callously:

Putting in his hand, he drew out one prisoner after another, callously wringing their necks one by one.

First of all a rat came along, trailing his naked tail callously on the snow behind him.

We were furiously angry with each other, tender with each other, callously selfish, generously self-sacrificing.

"It's saved me a lot of trouble," he remarked callously, as he went to the fire and threw more wood on to it.

The heart must be callously vile, which can bear to be stabbed with the words of abused confidence.

She had known of Marmaduke's monstrous fraud on the confiding girl whom he now so callously abandoned to her fate.

She started as if stung with the very lash with which he so callously threatened her.

Callously enough she switched off the lights and left him lying there, in darkness but for the ash-dimmed glimmer of a dying fire.

Beatrice meanwhile, callously avowing her unworthiness, said that she was "dead tired" and went to bed.

No matter that she did, in a measure, harden to her work, grow callously accustomed to rising early and working late.