Cam [adjective]

Definition of Cam:

crooked, askew

Synonyms of Cam:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cam:

Sentence/Example of Cam:

Oh, my puir lamb, you're wet to the skin, an' fair done; for God knows its an' awfu' mess you hae cam' hame in.

Mony's the time I hae ettled to send ye a screed, but there was aye something that cam' i' the gait.

If a person speaks of Cambridge, one's mind immediately flies to the English university city on the banks of the river Cam.

Your ain cloak was thin enough when ye cam here, though ye have lined it gay and weel.

She didnae stand there lang; she began to move again an' cam' slowly towards Mr. Soulis whaur he stood under the saughs.

These curved lines embrace a cut-off cam of five-eighths limit, shown complete in Figure 278.

But the Celtic cam in place-names is quite common; it signifies crooked, and we find it in a number of river-names.

Lubricate the embossed cams in the cam housing with a thin film of vaseline every fifty hours of actual running.

This relative timing can be easily adjusted by removing the interrupter and shifting the cam in the direction desired.

Two independent cam-shafts are needed, one operating the inlet valves, the other the exhaust members.