Capsule [adjective]

Definition of Capsule:

shortened form

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Sentence/Example of Capsule:

The capsule did safely return to Earth, however, and provided valuable test data on the way.

That portion is based on Lockheed Martin’s Orion crew capsule that will be used to take humans into space on other missions.

That would make it a time capsule of the early solar system.

“In terms of a small capsule project, we haven’t done those kinds of numbers before,” he told Quartz.

Later assessments by those with a firmer grasp of physics estimated the capsule would have hit the water at a bone-mulching 180 mph.

Greene relates her experience to astronaut Michael Collins’ time orbiting in the Apollo 11 capsule alone while his crewmates walked on the moon.

Each is surrounded by a gelatinous capsule, which is its distinctive feature (Fig. 9).

Recognition of the pneumococcus depends upon its morphology, the fact that it is Gram-staining, and the presence of a capsule.

When they form short chains, demonstration of the capsule is necessary to distinguish them from streptococci.

During the time it is red, the outer shell is soft, but ultimately becomes perfectly hard, and resembles a wooden capsule.