Categories [noun]

Definition of Categories:

classification, type

Synonyms of Categories:

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Sentence/Example of Categories:

The arrows represent the flow of money from each of these four categories to the others.

Statistics distinguish these three categories of cheques and enable us to follow their movement.

The numbers in the list coming under these categories are named “—— sp.”

Now, as posture and location have already been studied, what is the use in here combining two categories into one?

Let us therefore leave this point, and devote ourselves to the division into four categories.

The categories of place and time are just as unable to figure among the primary genera.

The observer's nothing without his categories, his types and varieties.

This is subdivided into four categories, which I need not enumerate.

It will be seen that the whole business of pruning falls into two general categories, viz., winter pruning and summer pruning.

But this classification is not always clearly defined; for the same object of pilgrimage often falls into two categories at once.