Chairman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chairman:

Probably the chairman and directors of the company were also present, but our eyes were not for them.

That he was an autocratic chairman, his brother directors, were they now living, would I am sure attest.

I've got them split up into shifts, along with a double of the chairman there, to cover the six machines.

Immediately after, a lady presented herself at the door and asked the chairman to introduce me to her.

Loud cheers from all sides, and a good-humoured nod from the chairman greeted this announcement.

"The town marshal will stay right where he is, and guard the ballot box," said the chairman.

The report of the committee was made to the house by Mr. Colborne, their chairman, on the 11th of March.

Robert was chairman, and had labored hard to prepare a few remarks with which to open the meeting.

The chairman introduced the speaker of the evening; and so Thyrsis got his first glimpse of Henry Darrell.

Speaking succeeded, and the talkers got upon their feet in accordance with certain nods and memoes from the chairman.