Administrator [noun]

Definition of Administrator:

person who manages organization

Synonyms of Administrator:

Opposite/Antonyms of Administrator:

Sentence/Example of Administrator:

Clark, the head cheer coach, said no other cheerleaders were disciplined for vaping on campus and school administrators determined they couldn’t discipline students for off-campus vaping.

University administrators tell Fortune they’re doing everything they can to ensure public safety.

I thank the Board for the amicable separation and for the opportunity to work together these past two years with phenomenal students, teachers, parents, staff, administrators, and the community at large.

Even though affluent administrators have been comfortable with narrowing curriculum in inner city schools where they would never educate their own children, parents there never have been comfortable with it.

Public and private insurance administrators determine what treatments to cover.

Over the last month, with the election approaching, Republican officials — from county-level election administrators to the president himself — have in some ways escalated their use of these tactics.

For elections administrators, the last few days before an election can be the most stressful and when communication is needed most.

The tracker provides the number of known cases and deaths for students, teachers, and administrators, as well as a link to a news story where the information originated.

John Busterud, administrator of the local EPA region, said San Diego will likely get “most” of it.

Ask election administrators what they’re doing to address the most commonly cited reasons.