Supervisor [noun]

Definition of Supervisor:

person who manages people, project

Synonyms of Supervisor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supervisor:

Sentence/Example of Supervisor:

A trained bipartisan team appointed by the election supervisor would travel to residential care facilities and help residents fill out absentee ballots.

While the attorney general is not the woman’s direct supervisor, a “significant power imbalance” exists between two state employees, Majmudar said.

Miles Himmel, a Desmond spokesman, said the supervisor doesn’t endorse all the opinions shared on his podcast and gets his data from the county, though Stegall found his numbers haven’t always matched up with those provided by county officials.

The “commanders” are the supervisors of this organization, which, to my knowledge, does not even exist.

Rather than roll over and go along with the other supervisors, she asked tough questions.

County supervisors agreed to several notable things this week.

Gaspar sent out a press release with a response saying Fletcher falsely implied that the Gaspar and other supervisors were overriding the public health officer.

This week, a memo about the District 2 county supervisor race circulated among members of the government affairs committee of the Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors.

One issue — obtaining easements to manage flammable vegetation and ensure safe evacuation routes — led to county planners to recommend that supervisors should deny the project.

County supervisors on Tuesday voted to proceed with three law enforcement reform measures, including the creation of an Office of Equity and Racial Justice.