Custodian [noun]

Definition of Custodian:

caretaker, maintenance person

Synonyms of Custodian:

Opposite/Antonyms of Custodian:


Sentence/Example of Custodian:

Belshe adds that the biggest crypto custodians, which also include Fidelity and Coinbase, will play a key role in working to ensure crypto continues to gain a foothold in mainstream finance.

Every evening, while Durga finished work, Mertens — who also started that year as a custodian — cleaned her classroom after he was finished with his other tasks, including sweeping the cafeteria and replenishing toilet paper.

For nearly six months, the rattling of cleaning carts and the pitter-patter of a skeleton crew of custodians were the only sounds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Our work as corporate custodians should extend beyond our companies as well.

One employee reported Carson would frequently send him photos of things needing custodian attention at school campuses.

The custodian's booth was closed, but there was a small gate in the great entrance and we walked in.

A single winding footpath leads to the grim old gateway, and we rang the bell many times before the custodian admitted us.

Just in front of it is the cottage of the old custodian, who seemed considerably troubled by our application to visit the ruins.

This is open to visitors and we were shown every part of the house by the tenant, who is also custodian.

It is not, however, open to much doubt that the Department was not a very successful custodian of the trade autonomy principle.