Dean [noun]

Definition of Dean:

leader of institution

Synonyms of Dean:

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Sentence/Example of Dean:

Dean Swift was indeed a misanthrope by theory, however he may have made exception to private life.

Several uneducated business men are said to have written to the Dean asking the Latin for what they think of the new Budget.

Away they hastened; and, being admitted to the Dean's study, stated the occasion of their visit.

To all of this Mr Dean listened in perfect silence, patiently, and with a smile of universal benevolence.

You see, up to that time he had thought himself rather a knowing fellow; but Mr Dean managed to remove the scales from his eyes.

Mr Dean did not believe in sudden conversion, nevertheless he expressed gratification.

From this point Mr Dean began to pump and squeeze, and Trumps proved worthy of his name in the way he submitted to both processes.

Mr. Pope read to us an odd kind of Latin-English effusion of the Dean's, which made us shake with laughter.

The truth is, we all write Irish rhymes, and the Dean contrives to be more exact that way than most of us.'

Thomas Simpson, companion of Mr. Dean in the discovery of the north-west passage, died by his own hand at Turtle river, aged 32.