Chemical [adjective]

Definition of Chemical:

concerned with atom and molecule change

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Sentence/Example of Chemical:

Vihari Kanukollu, the co-founder and chief executive of UrbanKisaan, told TechCrunch in an interview that the startup does not use any soil or harmful chemicals to grow crops and uses 95% less water compared to traditional farms.

Large fires can also heat up plastic pipes in the ground, causing them to leach chemicals into the water supply.

The chemical traces of nuclear testing can be found in ice sheets, lake bottoms, deep-sea sediments, and the bodies of living organisms, including our own.

Our noses have what amounts to “a chemical sensor” to detect it, Rudden notes.

So Regier and colleagues examined diamonds that formed in the crust, upper mantle and lower mantle, hunting for the chemical traces of subducted crust.

For instance, a chemical reaction is when two compounds react and re-arrange their atoms.

In order to ship those vaccines, distributors will need to make sure industrial chemical plants can supply enough CO2 gas.

Five counties in the top 20 are located on the lower Mississippi River in Louisiana’s chemical corridor, including West Baton Rouge Parish.

On the American Chemical Society’s SciMeetings online platform in April, Stitzel reported that this chemical fingerprint was enough to accurately identify the correct country of origin for about 90 percent of the samples.

The strength and success of India’s generics industry has meant that there isn’t as much incentive for generic drugmakers to diversify into riskier—and more expensive—research of new chemical entities.