Chew [verb]

Definition of Chew:

grind with teeth

Synonyms of Chew:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chew:


Sentence/Example of Chew:

A 120-calorie quarter-cup serving has four grams of protein, which adds a little bit of chew.

Instead of peanut butter, my sesame blossoms get their chew and nuttiness from tahini, and like barazek, they’re coated in a crackly layer of sesame seeds.

"All right," said Dan, biting off a big chew from the plug he was holding, and restoring the rest to his pocket.

If the decision had been against a fight, Dan would have put the plug back without taking a chew.

They both chew and smoke, and they are certainly the dirtiest chewers in the world.

If they are depressed, they smoke or chew tobacco, and gladden themselves therewith.

Then Chew-chew pointed out many herds and they all danced for joy.

After the children had raced a long time, they came back to Chew-chew for another story.

Chew-chew went with them and they all looked at the wild horses going up the trail.

The children thought nobody could tell such stories as Chew-chew told.