Coaxes [verb]

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Then the Attorney talks with the most pliant jurors, coaxes them, wheedles them, stimulates them to do what he wants done.

And theres a boy lives in our street that coaxes me to have a game with him once in a while.

It caresses the prevailing commonness and ugliness, and coaxes it into a semblance of beauty in spite of itself.

He blazes his mark upon the secular oaks, as a guidance to later travellers, and coaxes flame from heaps of mouldering rubbish.

She stirs and coaxes and coquettes with the lovely foamy mass until it becomes as light as the yellow down on a fledgling's wings.

It coaxes out more digestive fluid, and it lightens the task which that fluid has to perform.

He scolds and coaxes her and this morning he promised to paint and gild her figurehead, if she got into Kirkwall before three.

Never such a tender fool as Jude is if a woman seems in trouble, and coaxes him a bit!

Why, my wife's glad when I get off for a day or two—coaxes me to go away herself!

Slowly perhaps, but surely, as he coaxes steam from the errant stokers, we draw ahead and regain our place in the line.