Conjugal [adjective]

Definition of Conjugal:


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Sentence/Example of Conjugal:

For one thing, the landfills will thank you for not burdening them with old, working toasters that no one wants just because they aren’t new, conjugal toasters.

I conceive that the strictest union of affection is requisite to conjugal felicity.

Wearing apparel, furniture, jewelry, even legal expenses incurred in regaining her conjugal rights have been included.

This conjugal annoyance is the only one that makes you beside yourself with joy.

She rose with a smile to guide the young and guileless apprentice to conjugal arts through the labyrinth of her palace.

You are the luckiest of men in having successfully managed to escape from this first dangerous pass in conjugal life.

But the atrocious comedy of conjugal love, of unwearying happiness, when for so long I had loved you and thought of you alone!

He substitutes the constitutional system for the autocratic system, a responsible ministry for an absolute conjugal monarchy.

Neither conjugal nor maternal affection could impress the heart of this disgraceful woman.

A calm but very tender conjugal love sits at this innocent hearth.