Connoted [verb]

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Who or what “the dear bond” was is not explained, but we may connote the kindred surnames Goodbon, Goodbun, and Goodband.

But ileuede is not used elsewhere in L, and would connote decrepitude.

It is conceivable that two men may connote quite different things by the word symbol.

The using a name to connote attributes, turns the things, whether real or imaginary, into a class.

Likewise wealth and capital connote special social relations or categories.

Any "dragging" of the tones destroys the wonderful exuberance which Schumann strove to connote.

The terms ‘sanitation’ and ‘sanitary’ nearly always connote only ideas associated with cleanliness, free ventilation, etc.

Whatever attribute any word connotes, it can be shown to connote some attribute of dawn or sun.

Atheism and supernaturalism are fundamental divisions in human thought, and divisions that connote an irreconcilable antagonism.

Sometimes the masks have special characteristics to connote the racial peculiarities of those who wear them.