Coverlet [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Coverlet:

Here Letty drew the coverlet from the face of the sleeping babe, and displayed his chubby proportions with maternal pride.

The thick white hair was arranged in seemly order, and his hands lay upon the coverlet as if he had finished something.

She turned and saw the moonlight streaming in at the window, and lying like a silver coverlet upon the floor.

He was silent for a full minute while the girl in the bed plucked at the coverlet and eyed first him and then Greenleaf.

He doubled his cloak, that by rolling himself up in it, it might serve the purposes both of a bed and of a coverlet.

His two hands lay on the coverlet, his left hand tightly clasping his right.

She made as though to throw off the coverlet and follow; but she was unable, and fell back in exhaustion.

Very slowly she drew one hand from under the coverlet and held it out to him.

Mrs. Hale, her eyes still fixed on Mrs. Thornton's face, pressed the hand that lay below hers on the coverlet.

Next day the little girl was "picking at the coverlet," and it was known that she could not live.