Cowboy [noun]

Definition of Cowboy:

mounted cattle hand

Synonyms of Cowboy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cowboy:


Sentence/Example of Cowboy:

As Dwight Eisenhower watched his inaugural parade from a reviewing stand in 1953, he was lassoed like a runaway steer by a cowboy movie star.

In the footage, Kawaski Trawick is walking through the hallway of his apartment building in his underwear, a fitted sleeveless jacket and cowboy boots.

Billy Joe talked the way a modern cowboy would speak, if he stepped out of the West and lived today.

The fearsome site was named for the cowboy Kendall Bumpass, who in 1865 got too close and stepped through the thin crust.

Mr. Nelson elected to ride horseback with Andy Rawlinson, which was the name of the good-looking cowboy.

"Anyway, git that out of your head about Morgan's ranch never havin' any visitors," said another cowboy.

"Two of them," he thought exultantly, as he held himself and the cowboy against the trunk of a tree.

He had struck up quite a liking for the head cowboy, and the two walked along together.

"I'll send the guns over to Levine's office to-morrow," answered the head cowboy.

Out in the street Captain Foster espied an American cowboy in the near distance.