Crackdown [noun]

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The latest crackdown by Nigeria’s central bank on cryptocurrency has elicited outrage and confusion in a country where virtual currency has boomed in the last five years.

Behind the scenes, marketers have been scrambling for answers in the days following Apple’s “early spring” deadline for its crackdown on companies using its Identifiers for Advertisers to track people.

The Kremlin said that the crackdown was appropriate and that the protests were led by “hooligans and provocateurs.”

Thousands have left their homes amid fears of a crackdown from Beijing.

With the authorities’ crackdown on FBK, she is well aware of the risks she faces.

The stress was exacerbated by months of protest and an ongoing political crackdown.

Use of alternative messaging apps skyrocketed in recent weeks for a variety of reasons, including fallout from a WhatsApp privacy update and a crackdown by other platforms following the Capitol riot.

Police crackdowns on opposition rallies over the past several months have left scores dead.

The solution, to them, is a crackdown on liberties and laying down the law.

Facebook waited years to ban QAnon groups, but many still remained after the sweep, as did “Stop the Steal” conspiracy groups, after a similar crackdown on the hashtags and other incitements of violence.