Dame [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dame:

If necessity is the mother of invention then the quarantine has been innovation’s grand dame.

But "the cards never forgive," and as a rule Dame Fortune is relentless to the reckless player.

Dame Dorothy Packington sent the trusty and well beloved Thos.

In a flash Isabel had responded with a challenge of appeal, which that accomplished dame was quick to understand.

Here the proud state that claimed him as her own offspring, met him with the injustice of a malignant step-dame.

At all events, we have nothing but this minister-general between us and Notre-Dame.

As if to mark the occasion, Dame Fortune gave me a pleasant surprise, and what it was I will now relate.

We switched paint jobs at Burkey's station, see, and rolling into town that dame you sent to ride with us switched on the radio.

He threw his right arm upward as if to escape a blow, but the old dame did not belabor him.

"Yes, dear master," purred the old dame encouragingly as she seated herself on the floor near the tea-pot.