Defaulter [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Defaulter:

The King is attended by a numerous band of courtiers and attendants, all of whom seem moving forward to arrest the defaulter.

For who could tell the name of a defaulter at the station, but Mrs. Darcy?

There could be no other answer, he said, and he could give none for Putney to carry back to the defaulter's daughters.

I don't understand you, Matt, saying your father's part is more odious than a self-confessed defaulter's.

Anyway, the American defaulter who goes to Canada never makes any effort to grow up with the country.

The directors failed to be in at the death; and old Hilary has had to resign from the Board, and pay the defaulter's debts.

You will observe that this is not the only instance in which, upon a failure of payment, the defaulter becomes directly a vassal.

But when a fellow turns round upon you as a defaulter at cards, there is no getting rid of him.

Samson bet without any means of paying, if he lost: he lost, and was a defaulter.

A watch was set, and it was discovered that Jean Bouchon was the defaulter.