Mortgagee [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mortgagee:

And then fixing his eyes steadily on him, he said, "You are a mortgagee."

Why, you do not mean to say that our gracious sovereign is a money-lender and mortgagee?

The first mortgagee is entitled to be paid in full first, then the second, and so on.

The mortgagee may use his mortgage as security for loans or he may assign it as he pleases.

It is usual for the mortgagor to insure the property for the benefit of the mortgagee.

Then it is put up for sale, and in most cases the mortgagee buys it in.

Is that stout bourgeois in the carriage Louvier,—my mortgagee, Louvier?

A mortgagee, mortgager or pledgee of property may insure the property.

After default, the mortgagee may take possession of the premises.

The mortgagee has the right to sell the debt secured by the mortgage.