Defraying [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Defraying:

To defray the expenses of these magazines Newport was taxed fifty pounds, and the other three towns twenty pounds each.

They have been endeavoring to collect funds enough to defray the expenses of a decent burial.

A mere trifle, I assure you; just enough to defray expenses—say—er—a hundred dollars.

Secondly, because the bill is drawn for an expense, which we have no right or authority to defray.

He added to his fair words a small purse of gold, to defray necessary expenses on the road, as a gratuity on the King's part.

The Queen's thrift enabled her in ordinary times of peace to defray the current expenses of the Crown from its ordinary revenues.

They presented me thirty dollars also to defray the expenses of my journey home to Manteno.

The proceeds of those underground rights must now come in afterwards to defray the war bill.

This expense would in itself be more than the whole of my Income is adequate to defray.

Each Government will defray the expenses of the clearing office set up in its territory, including the salaries of the staff.