Demurred [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Demurred:

At first Eloise demurred, longing to accept the generous offer, and fearing that she ought not.

The girls, Virginia included, and Tom were decidedly in favor of it, but Mr. Wilson had demurred.

Mrs. Kennedy demurred anxiously, as Genevieve was putting on her hat.

The attorney-general demurred to the challenge; on which the question previously debated was re-argued.

This was a touch of high Spanish breeding, that quite took me by surprise—I demurred.

The man demurred, but Alaeddin enforced him and taking his clothes from him, donned them and gave him his own costly apparel.

It first demurred to the charge brought, and in April, 1912, the demurrer was sustained.

The other judges demurred, but the dominie remained firm and won the day.

But his executors,—connections on the Ludlow side,—demurred to this.

Mrs. North demurred weakly; but Dr. North was found to be on the side of the young man.