Designates [verb]

Definition of Designates:

name, entitle

Synonyms of Designates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Designates:


Sentence/Example of Designates:

It therefore designates the act by which one enters into an agreement or a covenant with another.

The sons of Count Porro are more than once alluded to by their friend and tutor, as the author designates himself.

Guide center designates the left guide of the center company, as explained in 3d Sec.

The sovereign is over the "realm;" a word which obviously designates the persons ruled.

The negro's name was "Dred Scott," which name now designates the decision finally rendered in the case.

As fourth personage, the writer designates himself, the promoter of the scheme, the indispensable link between the two nations.

But its correct and distinctive name seems to be that by which Rutherford always designates it, the mery or mairy.

It now designates any place abounding in gold, or offering opportunities for the acquisition of sudden wealth.

He designates the banks in which funds of all institutions shall be deposited.

I should have observed, that Sydney designates himself all through his poems by the name of Astrophel.